Using multidisciplinary tools, Goynes works to understand, design, and implement complex mechanical systems and equipment that function safely, efficiently, and reliably.

Goynes has expertise in the application of the latest analysis methodologies, multi-discipline simulation tools and testing methods to predict performance and to optimize and design mechanical systems that are economical, constructible, and practical.


CFD is the tool of choice for many problems involving fluid mechanics, heat transfer, or chemical reaction.  It is often infeasible to capture all of the relevant physics experimentally within typical cost and time constraints and physical measurements often do not give a complete picture of why a particular design does or does not work.  The highly detailed results of a CFD simulation allow visualization of flow patterns in even the most inaccessible locations of a complex flow system.  Understanding the characteristics of fluid flow associated with a product or process can give tremendous insight into improving product or process performance, troubleshooting existing problems, and provide significant opportunity for cost-cutting and innovation.

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