Goyne Consulting possesses the know-how and exposure in both international and domestic markets, so we can help drive positive results in the US, Europe, and Asia and everywhere in between. We provide our clients with the experience and abilities necessary to tackle complex projects, navigate unfamiliar regulations and rules and guide them to desired outcomes.


Goyne Consulting works with clients providing solutions throughout the project lifecycle.  From opportunity identification and understanding project economics to commissioning and plant startup operations, Goyne Consulting works with clients to build successful projects.

Our team works with clients in petrochemicals & specialty chemicals, plastics, oil & gas, petroleum refining, steel production, and manufacturing industries.

Goyne can provide solutions for all types of projects. From grassroots, greenfield projects for companies that require assistance in evaluating project options, sanctioning projects and executing them, to existing, brownfield projects that require flexibility and understanding to properly execute within their given constraints
  • Opportunity identification, market studies/analysis
  • Scope development / project feasibility / economic analysis
  • Technology development / technology selection / technology validation
  • Risk management / consulting
  • Contracting Strategy / Contract development / Contract management
  • Project management / Owner’s Engineer
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Procurement management
  • Construction management
  • Plant Commissioning and Startup Assistance
  • Contract Audits/Reviews (non-legal)
  • QA/QC Monitoring of suppliers and contractors
  • Engineering design and planning analysis
  • General consulting to owner regarding technical and business solutions
  • Detailed engineering work


Goyne Consulting provides management consulting services to small and medium sized business providing solutions tailored to each company’s specific needs.

We utilize our background in a variety of industries and our expertise in developing organizations and teams that effectively tackle and solve complex activities.

Goyne works from a holistic perspective to understand our client’s critical business issues and opportunities.  This approach enables us to capture value throughout the organization and improve operating efficiencies by breaking down barriers between the organizational silos.

We provide solutions for:

  • Strategy planning, development, and implementation
  • Performance improvement
  • Operations planning, systems, and execution
  • Organizational and infrastructure development
  • Sustainability
  • Change management


Goyne Consulting brings a wealth of experience to solving plant engineering issues, working closely with our clients to understand the needs and requirements for their large-scale, industrial processing plants. Our capabilities include in-depth analysis, plant designs, machine engineering and more. We use cutting-edge modeling software to visualize every phase of the project, helping us deliver complete solutions.

  • Upgrades and debottlenecking
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Troubleshooting
  • Field support
  • Detailed engineering


Solutions to complex problems:

  • Focus on complex problems in the areas of fluid/process, mechanical and structural systems.
  • Problems often involve more than one type of system or domain where a root problem in one domain often manifests in another.
  • These problems require understanding in each of the associated areas to properly solve within their given constraints
  • Goyne Consulting provides expertise in all these domains.

Process Systems:

  • Steady-state and dynamic process simulation for petrochemical, refining, and midstream oil & gas processing.
  • Process technology development
  • Goyne Consulting assists clients by guiding them from concept through scale-up and technology demonstration along with successful technology licensing.
  • Process optimization & debottlenecking
  • Process controls